The foundation of everything

Energy… The foundation of everything.

Our bodies use energy to live, it is needed to produce electricity, and energy is the invisible hand guiding the universe. As civilization progresses, so does the sources of energy we use to facilitate this progression.

Humans have been on a steady predictable path of energy use in the order of wood, water mills, coal, petroleum, nuclear, natural gas, and finally renewables. Paired with various types of energy storage systems, renewable energy is the next and most crucial step in energy transition… and this process must accelerate.

Our past methods of extracting and using energy has taken a detrimental and almost irreversible toll on our planet. But it’s not too late to reverse course. We believe it is imperative that we facilitate and encourage this transition to renewable energy as quickly as possible and utilize every watt of clean power available.

This is our passion.

Our company is uniquely positioned to service every aspect of your power and energy storage systems. From the sun to the plug, we are all encompassing with the knowledge, experience, and technical abilities to service, maintain, commission and inspect a variety of power systems including PV systems, battery storage systems, critical power systems (LV/MV switchgear), transformers, and residential/commercial electrical systems and offer a variety of engineering services.

We separate ourselves from the competition by offering reliable and thorough service at a fair price.

Who We Are