Torus Renewables

At Torus Renewables, we are focused on investing in clean energy technologies that move us towards a more low-carbon future. As the energy transition progresses, investing in wind and solar alone will not be sufficient. As more variable resources are integrated into our bulk power system, more responsive and versatile resources will be needed to maintain grid reliability. We are committed not only to investing in renewable energy technologies, but also to compiling a diverse portfolio of energy assets such as various storage systems including; batteries, flywheels, pumped hydro, pumped-air, and capacitors. Torus Renewables is also dedicated to investing in distribution technologies including virtual power plant systems and energy aggregation platforms that include electric vehicle and home battery storage systems.

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Torus Renewables will work directly with landowners to discuss the available options and feasibility of purchasing or leasing land to install a renewable energy system, typically a solar PV farm. Typical systems have payment terms of 20 years (or more) which is ideal for retirement planning and/or a low-risk revenue stream with a moderate and sometimes high return on investment (ROI).

Community Solar

In some instances, installing a solar PV system on your home or property isn’t feasible due to lack of sunlight, total cost of installation, or the inability to finance the project. Thus comes Community solar. When investing in a Community solar project, someone will receive a credit on their electricity bill for the power produced from their share of the investment in a local solar array, offsetting their electricity costs. This allows for equal access to the many benefits of solar energy generation regardless of the circumstances of the individual's ability to install a system of their own.